iPhone XS Problems iOS 12 App Crash Fix

iPhone XS Problems iOS 12 App Crash Fix - After an update iOS 12 some user's reported that the iPhone XS problems. Apple fixed bugs with eSIM activation cellular data, wifi, bluetooth for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max have serious problem iOS 12 App crashing and fix after follow our tutorial how to fix with tips and tricks.

iPhone XS Problems iOS 12 App Crash Fix

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You can learn how to fix cellular data and wifi problem iPhone XS here.


This problem afflicts iPhone XS users and it's really no surprise. Unlike the 3.5mm headphone jack we all knew and loved, connecting your headphones via the Lightning port relies on Apple's software to function, so the fact that we're still at such an early stage of iOS 12 is no doubt to blame for the corkage.

Specifically, users are reporting that the controls on the new EarPods headphones are freezing and leaving them unable to operate their tunes, with volume management, call answering and Siri activation.

Potential solutions to resolve it:

Apple has finally issued an official guidance on this problem, saying it'll be addressing the bug in one of its next software fixes. But what about in the meantime?

Try unplugging the Lightning EarPods and plug them back in again. This should bring the control functionality back, at least temporarily.


A lot of new iPhone XS Max owners have been complaining about a mysterious hissing sound coming from the back of the device. The good news is – it's (probably) nothing to worry about. According to multiple sources, the odd audio effect occurs when first restoring your iPhone, which means it's probably down to the new A12 processor firing up during the reboot. In other words, it's a similar phenomenon to the common PC problem known as 'coil whine', which typically presents itself when a CPU is being heavily taxed for the first time.

Potential solutions how to fix iPhone XS problem:

There’s currently no fix for this, but reports suggest that it’s not something that’s present in every iPhone XS, so you might want to return your handset and get a new one. If it’s really bothering you, then contact Apple, your carrier, or your retailer and ask for a replacement.


A number of new iPhone XS owners have reported this particular problem. People have said that incoming audio sounds distant, or it’s too low to hear. Enough people have even made complaints about this that Apple has since updated a support page in an attempt to help people with sound issues.
This is the latest issue to hit the Apple iPhone XS, and the good news is that Apple appears to be aware of it. The bad news? There’s no obvious fix, although some users have reported that simply lowering the volume on their phone improves the sound quality on their iPhone.

Solutions to resolve iPhone XS Max Problem:

For what it’s worth, Apple’s official guidance is as follows:
If the speaker on your iOS 12 device doesn't work as expected, follow these steps
Go to Settings > Sounds and drag the Ringer And Alerts slider to turn the volume up.

If your device has a Ring/Silent switch, make sure it's set to ring.
Make sure your case isn’t blocking the speaker.

If you hear sound from the speaker, follow the rest of these steps. If you can't hear sound from the speaker, contact Apple Support. Apple also appears to be willing to replace iPhones that are affected by the issue, indicating that it’s hardware rather than software related.


This isn’t exactly a problem, but it is something a few owners have had trouble doing, especially when coming from an iPhone that didn’t have 3D Touch. Thankfully, there are simple ways to deal with this.

Potential solutions to resolve it:

If you want to move or delete apps from the Home screen, you need to lightly press and hold the app instead of pressing down on it with a certain amount of pressure. Lightly pressing or resting your finger on an app will allow you to edit the Home screen, and pressing down will reveal many of the other functions the app can do.

You can also adjust 3D Touch sensitivity, or disable it entirely, to make it similar to an iPhone 11 by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch.


The default way to create messages while in the Messages app is to use the keyboard. Unfortunately, some iPhone XR owners have noticed their keyboards don’t appear when launching the app. It’s not a constant occurrence, and it’s unclear what’s causing the keyboard to fail.

Potential solutions to resolve iPhone XR Problems

Manually close and relaunch the app until the keyboard appears.
You can also send voice messages (to other iMessage users) by tapping the microphone icon in the text field.

Update to the latest iOS. The iOS 12.2 included a specific fix for Messages that addresses this issue. We understand if you have reservations about the 12.2 update, as it has been causing a few problems related to battery life, but consider updating anyway.

iPhone phone app crashing iOS 12 and Freez
Recently, some users have complained app store crashing iOS 12 that the Phone app will crash or lock up when in the Phone app’s settings, in the Recent Calls list, and while making calls using Bluetooth headsets. Soft and Hard Resets have not fixed the problem, and those who have tried a factory reset have not experienced any changes either.

Potential solutions to resolve iOS 12 Problems:

Update to iOS 13. if you haven’t already.
If the problem started after an update, the update itself may have installed incorrectly. If possible, restore your device to a backup made before the update was applied, then install the update again.
A proposed workaround suggests turning off Exchange contacts. You can do so by going to Settings > Contacts > Accounts, then tap your Exchange account(s) and toggle the Contacts slider off.

One of the major changes for the iPhone 7 , iPhone 8, iPhone X was the switch from a home-button that clicks to one that just gives the impression it’s clicking. Like the trackpad on the MacBook, the new iPhone button gives off a series of vibrations when you press it.
If you dislike having to actually press the Home button to unlock iPhone XS, instead of just touching it like before, then fear not. You can make it work that way again.

Potential solutions to resolve it:
Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and toggle Rest Finger to Open to on.


3D Touch is an integral part of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max , as it makes it easier to interact with apps and get to some of their settings and features. Some user, however, has been unable to get their 3D Touch to work, or have noticed the feature has stopped working completely.

Solutions to resolve it:
Restart your iPhone.
Go to Settings > General> Accessibility > 3D Touch and make sure the feature hasn’t been turned off by accident. From this page, you can also adjust the feature’s sensitivity and test it out.

If you’ve recently applied a new screen protector, remove it and try using 3D Touch again. If it works, the problem was with the screen protector.

Clean your touchscreen, as well as your own hands.
Reach out to Apple Support or go to an Apple Store or Apple Service Provider in order to get your device repaired or replaced.